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Amaya Press

Amaya Press is where literature meets art, and your living space is transformed into a canvas of imagination. We're thrilled to have you as part of our creative and literary journey. Discover a world where bespoke books and inspired artwork are cherished not just for their content but for the stories and emotions they bring into your life.

Welcome to Amaya Press, a haven for those who appreciate the art of fine literature and the beauty of inspired artwork. Here, we celebrate the unique fusion of bespoke books and exquisite visual creations, all crafted to enhance the ambiance of home and elevate the art of living.

What To Expect:

A Curator of Fine Words and Art: Amaya Press is the brainchild of Tempest, a passionate self-published author with a keen eye for the exceptional. At Amaya Press, Tempest curates a repertoire of bespoke titles that span a diverse range of genres, ensuring that every reader finds a literary gem that resonates with their soul.

Bespoke Books, Tailored for You: Our bespoke books are a labor of love, where every page is a testament to the author's craftsmanship and the reader's journey. From poetry that whispers to your heart to gripping tales that take you on thrilling adventures, our collection is a treasure trove of literary delights. Each book is a work of art in itself, promising not only an enriching read but also a beautiful addition to your home library.

Inspired Artwork to Elevate Your Space: In addition to our carefully curated books, Amaya Press offers a visual feast for the senses. We showcase inspired artwork that complements our literary creations and is designed to add an aesthetic touch to your living spaces. Our artwork is a testament to the power of imagination and creativity, and it is intended to inspire and evoke emotion in every viewer.

The Art of Home and Living: At Amaya Press, we believe that the home is a canvas waiting to be painted with words, stories, and artwork. Our blog offers insights, tips, and ideas on how to create an atmosphere that embodies the art of home and living. Whether you're seeking to transform your living space into a sanctuary of serenity or an oasis of inspiration, we have you covered.

A Space for Creativity and Community: Amaya Press is not just a blog; it's a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for literature, art, and the art of living. Join us in discussions, engage with authors and artists, and immerse yourself in a world where creativity and inspiration flow freely.

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