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Tempest Sarai Nils Portrait

Tempest Saraí Nils

With a multifaceted background in brand marketing, graphic design, and video editing, Tempest Saraí Nils uses sass and class to share an insatiable appetite for content and creativity. TempestReigns marries a cosmopolitan love of global entertainment with an unquenchable thirst to try new things and experiment, which knows no bounds. When intersectional stories are told by multicultural storytellers, they have powerful meaning, incredible style, and cultural harmony.


Hungry, Hungry Hippo

Tempest Saraí Nils is a hypercreative blogger who binges on content with a passion for multiculturalism, history, style, and intersectional storytelling. With a designer's love for details and a video editor's eye for narrative, Tempest delves deep into the abyss of intersectional stories to roam its depths discovering its gems and celebrating their pearls of wisdom within the wild wonder of entertainment.


Powerful Characters, Extraordinary Worlds

Tempest believes that storytelling contains the power to reflect and shape society's understanding of race, gender, sexuality, disability, and other important social issues. Not only reviewing and highlighting diverse works, Tempest also critically explores the cultural resonance and social impact of entertainment in its progress toward authentic representation and inclusion.


Universal Storytelling

TempestReigns is a safe space to uncover intersectionality's role in our favorite forms of entertainment. From dissecting the nuanced portrayals of marginalized characters to shedding light on hidden gems that deserve more recognition, Tempest's aim is to amplify diverse voices, bold creators, and unique narratives.


Global Style, FEARLESS by Design

With an innate appreciation for art and design in all its forms, Tempest also investigates the connections between entertainment, social activism, and entrepreneurship. By breaking down how artists use their platforms to build iconic brands, TempestReigns reflects on influential change agents who shape trends and movements while  inspiring  global  audiences and style.

Everything has beauty. But not everyone can see it." Graffiti on Wall.
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TempestReigns documents Tempest's content discovery while cataloging a sandbox of works and words curated into themed categories called vibes. TempestReigns supports and celebrates works that prioritize intersectionality and inclusivity.


By shining a light on underrepresented voices and highlighting the achievements of diverse artists, Tempest shines a light toward a more inclusive and equitable entertainment industry.

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