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Let All You Do Be Done In Love | Corinthians 14:16

Mutual Self-care is something that I believe is essential to relationships. We can't always take care of ourselves alone. It's nice to find someone in life and love with whom you can let go of that burden by not carrying the whole world on our shoulders alone.


Partnership Goals

Working side by side with your partner, unburdened, vulnerabilities and all, naked of everything but each other—is Bellissima to me.


Need Something Kinky to Get Into?

Our shadow selves show up in the light, and like chiaroscuro, the contrast between light and darkness, it never goes away. Our deepest desires, fears, and insecurities exist on that plane, driving the emotional undercurrent underlying everything we do, know, and are. When you face the dark, you embrace the wholeness of your being.



Whatever your inclination, desire, or sex, you're accepted as you are—from your surface self to the deepest recesses of your heart.


Fall into Temptation

The Fall of Eden began with temptation. In shedding our innocence, we gained a clarity of being that we never knew before. We gained access to the mirror of identity and, with it, the knowledge that our true power lies within those depths of being.





Poetry is a sensual art. Documenting sensations, experiences, moods, colors, and emotions using the love of language, symbolism, theme, tone, and timbre.




Ida B. Wells

"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them."


Fredia Gibbs

"I'm the WOMAN that your Momma warned you about!"


Audre Lorde

"Women are Powerful & Dangerous"


International Woman's Day

In honor of International Woman's Day and Women's History Month, I created this stylized art with and without quotes celebrating the multitudes of womanhood.

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A Mission FOR Connection among Kindred Spirits

Connection + Curiosity + Creativity

KyndredKink began in answer to a need to cultivate a vibrant community of curious makers, doers, and thinkers trailblazing from all walks of life. As time passed and the dream matured, the mission became revolutionary. Our shared social wealth working in tandem by taking back our narrative led to the creation of iconic, empowered representations of black and brown sexuality.

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