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Congressional Black Caucus Foundation


March 2017


Principal Designer

Project type

New Business Pursuit



When the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation outgrew its office and tapped Senior VP Derrick Banks Mashore to help, he had the idea of styling this pursuit as a magazine editorial. The timeliness of this project occurred around the time of Trump's inauguration and Black America feeling disheartened about what's coming next. Black leadership sits on the pulse of every Black community in America.

I came up with the title "Leadership in the Rhythm of Progress" because progress isn't an upward slope. There are as many ups as there are downs and it's an emotional rollercoaster just to survive intact. Having Trump as president for the next four years would be a litmus test of endurance for every Black leader resolved to remain true to their mission of addressing the critical issues affecting our communities.

This was a pivotal new chapter of collaborative growth for the CBCF to modernize and expand into a new space that was better equipped to meet its needs. I synthesized all these takeaways as I crafted a sophisticated and elegant editorial-themed RFP. To accompany the RFP, I also created a presentation and a placemat.

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