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New Business Pursuit




April 2018



Principal Designer

Researching a brand's DNA is essential to my creative process. You have to understand a brand's past before you can envision the future forward. The late design matriarch Florence Knoll's pioneering influence introduced a sleek, modernist aesthetic to replace the post-war mishmash of antique and period styles that remained prevalent. She is the reason interior design exists as a discipline I remixed her love of sharp lines and the symbiotic integration of color, texture, and structure with my signature flair. 

My approach when designing a brand pursuit is to immerse myself in the world of my subject, then from the outside looking in, craft a direction that looks and feels like the client brand, but is elevated beyond their standardized look. Using their signature tomato red and bright mustard palette, I used hairline square outlines, color blocking, and fabric textures.

As a result, Knoll tapped CBRE to manage the redesign of their D.C. flagship showroom leading to future business with the iconic tastemaker of furniture design.

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